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Octaspring Mattress Toppers

Octaspring Mattress Topper Collection

Even if you’re not quite ready for a new mattress you can transform an ordinary bed to give you the extra comfort and support of Octaspring.

Using the same breakthrough technology in our Octaspring mattress toppers, each individual Octaspring works independently and collectively to support the body in the perfect state, for smooth blood circulation, relaxation of muscles and spine alignment no matter how lumpy the bed you put it on is.

Innovative Ventilation

Without adequate ventilation traditional toppers get hot, causing you to perspire. This heat and humidity disturbs your sleep. Octaspring Toppers have our open sided 3D air mesh sides which allow constant airflow keeping you cool and comfortable all night.


  • Octaspring Body Zoned Topper
    Octaspring Body Zoned Topper

    A 7cm mattress topper containing Octasprings arranged in five zones with different resistances in accordance with the shape and weight of the body for optimum comfort and performance.

    Single £ 239.00
    Double £ 319.00
    King £ 359.00
    Super King £ 399.00

  • Octaspring Classic Topper
    Octaspring Classic Topper

    The 7cm mattress topper contains no fewer than 20 rows of Octaspring giving any mattress that famous Octa-feel.

    Single £ 199.00
    Double £ 279.00
    King £ 319.00
    Super King £ 359.00