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Octaspring Pillows

A Pillow Revolution

Until now, no matter what your pillow was made of: goose down, polyester fill or memory foam, all pillows were made from one material that delivered the same support to the head and neck. Therefore every pillow was either comfortable for your head but gave no support to your neck or the other way around.

By using the same principle we use in creating comfort zones in our mattresses, Octaspring pillows use a firm pillow-spring to support under the neck, and soft, breathable memory foam pillow-springs for the head. It is the perfect combination. An Octaspring pillow respects the natural physiognomy of your vertebral column to provide good sleeping posture so you wake up ache-free and well rested in the morning. A simple idea that makes sense.



  • Octaspring Evolution Memory
    Octaspring Evolution Memory

    The Memory Evolution Pillow has a full 24 memory foam Octapillow springs wrapped in the same thick memory foam sleeve as the Evolution Plus for those who want pure Octaspring memory foam support. The Memory Evolution gives soft, cool ventilated support. (Size: 40cm x 60cm).

    Price: £90.00

  • Octaspring   Evolution  Plus
    Octaspring Evolution Plus

    At the heart of our top of the range, this Octaspring pillow consists of 12 memory foam Octapillow springs to cradle the head in blissful comfort. Then around on the border edges are another 12 firmer Octapillow springs, to tuck under the neck, keeping your spine in alignment no matter what position you sleep. We then wrap them all up in a thick luxurious memory foam sleeve. (Size: 40cm x 60cm).

    Price: £80.00

  • Octaspring Evolution
    Octaspring Evolution

    A unique pillow which at its centre is soft memory foam Octapillow springs to cradle the head, and then surrounded by firmer springs to give the neck support, aligning the spine. Each spring works individually to support your head and neck gently. (Size: 40cm x 60cm).

    Price: £75.00

  • Octaspring Evolution Classic
    Octaspring Evolution Classic

    The Classic Evolution pillow contains 24 Octapillow springs and is perfect for those who prefer a firmer pillow. The beautifully soft pillowcase wicks away moisture and has excellent hygienic properties. (Size: 40cm x 60cm).

    Price: £65.00